E-Learning is a vacation… said no learner ever

One of the first things I learned when I started to teach many years ago, is that you have three types of participants:

– Prisoners: sent to the course by management. Motivation: zero
– Vacationers: consider going to training as “not working”. Motivation: varies
– Learners: consider going to training as an opportunity to learn. Motivation: high

Above categorization is certainly true for all types of classroom training. But how does it apply to other types of learning? Continue reading

Should L&D fall under HR or vice versa?

Last year I attended a network meeting of L&D Professionals. One of the participants I shared a table with, made a remark that I’ve been thinking about ever since. He told us that in his company, Learning & Development was leading. The HR and Compensation & Benefits departments were there as supporting departments to the Learning & Development department. In more traditional organizations Learning & Development is part of HR, or if you’re lucky like me, it’s at the same organizational level as HR. I’ve even seen Learning & Development departments being part of Sales & Marketing. So where does L&D fit best? Continue reading

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Next Learning 2017

On April 18th it was time for the Next Learning 2017 event in Den Bosch. It had been a few years since I attended this event last. This year there was a special offer by NVO2 that was too good to refuse. The condition attached was participation in the Learning Circle Workplace Learning, which happens to be a topic I’m very interested in.

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the Learning Circle’s pre-conference event. Before Next Learning was officially opened, there was a breakfast meeting especially for members of the Learning Circle. Speaker Nick van Dam shared his vision on workplace learning in an inspiring, interactive way. One of the tips he shared was the website: http://reachingyourpotential.org/ where you can take a free assessment to check the state of your own mindset for lifelong learning.

Donald Clark addressed the world of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in his keynote. He informed the audience that AI has entered our life in more ways than many people imagine.

The next session on my agenda was about Workplace learning in practice by Frank Klabbers (Infolearn). Among other things he talked about how you can register workplace learning in your LMS.

After this session I took some time to explore the Playground (exhibition area). Personally I found it a bit hard to navigate. Some stands almost seamlessly joined their neighbours, which made it difficult to distinguish each individual stand. I probably missed some stands because of this. Still enough time to have a chat here and there and gather information.

After the long lunch break it was time for they keynote by Hans Bakker about HRD in the agile organisation. With subtitle Transform or die the tone of this session was set. A tough reality for many?

Thank goodness Nick van Dam was there in the next session about Developing leadership for the agile learning organisation to get our positive hats on again by discussing positive psychology.

Next Learning 2017’s closure was taken care of by Karl Raats who ensured that everyone would be able to go home in a positive mood and full of energy. I stayed a bit longer to chat with some of the people from the Learning Circle Workplace Learning.

Did I hear a lot of new things? No, not really. If you keep up with the trends on a regular basis, you don’t hear a lot of new things on events like this. But I did get a good dose of inspiration and it was good and interesting to talk with several people from my network face-to-face again.