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Blockchain & Learning – a curated list

Lately I’ve been hearing it more and more: blockchain is the next big thing. So the thought that crossed my mind was: how could blockchain influence learning? As I am a total newby in the topic of blockchain, I’ve started to read up. Please find below a list of interesting articles I’ve found (in order of publication date). I’ll be adding new ones when I find them, so feel free to check back for updates!


Learning Solutions Magazine: Buzzword decoder: How blockchain affects e-learning (by Pamela Hogle) – 7 Feb 2018
– EC releases report on possible blockchain applications in education (by Joshua Althauser) – 17 Nov 2017
In the era of microcredentials, institutions look to blockchain to verify learning (by Sydney Johnson) – 31 Oct 2017
What does blockchain mean for learning? (by Ger Driesen) – 17 Oct 2017
Experts see new ways to track learning experiences with blockchain (by Erin Brereton) – 15 Sep 2017
Blockchain – a learning curve for vocational training (by Charley Rogers) – 12 Sep 2017
Credentials, Reputation, and the Blockchain (by J. Philipp Schmidt) – 24 Apr 2017
How Blockchain is changing Learning & Development (by Bryant Nielson) – 23 Jan 2017
10 ways Blockchain could be used in education (by Donald Clark) – 12 Sep 2016
The Blockchain for Education: An Introduction (by Audrey Watters) – 7 Apr 2016



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E-Learning is a vacation… said no learner ever

One of the first things I learned when I started to teach many years ago, is that you have three types of participants:

– Prisoners: sent to the course by management. Motivation: zero
– Vacationers: consider going to training as “not working”. Motivation: varies
– Learners: consider going to training as an opportunity to learn. Motivation: high

Above categorization is certainly true for all types of classroom training. But how does it apply to other types of learning? Continue reading